Introducing Project Bebop

Introducing Project Bebop

Derived from photo by Loren Kerns /, CC BY

Today starts a new journey on Welcome to Project Bebop.

Going forward, each post will detail successes and challenges using Angular, Visual Studio, ASP.NET Core, and Azure in the context of a real application. Being a side-project, helmed by one developer who is also the primary customer, this won't reflect all the considerations of an enterprise application. However, where possible, I will use enterprise-grade development techniques during development.

The goal is that you will gain insight into the benefits and challenges of adopting new technologies and techniques in Angular, Visual Studio, ASP.NET Core, and Azure. More importantly, you will see how these pieces fit together. This is the area that I find the most interesting and plan to focus on these integrations. Developers can't always start from a blank slate and are forced to adopt technologies in an unconventional and/or incremental way with their existing code base. I will get to cover these tradeoffs with examples that you can see in real-time.

The project itself is a personal take on a To-Do application. I'm surprised that given the amount of To-Do applications on the market, I still end up falling back to tools like OneNote and Excel to organize my life. So, I'm going to build one for my own needs and the goal is that anyone else who finds it interesting will be able to use it too.

To be clear, though, the primary goals are learning and sharing. This is an exercise in product development for the lone developer and I'm looking forward to sharing the journey.

This is the list of blog posts related to the project: