Google I/O 2017 Talks for Angular Developers

Google I/O 2017 Talks for Angular Developers

In keeping with conference season, here is a list of videos for Angular developers from Google I/O 2017. While Google is arguably the most important company to the open web between Google Search and Chrome, they have other large platforms targeted at backend and native mobile developers. The breadth of Google's offerings can make it difficult to find the resources targeted at the front-end, Angular developer.

This is a collection of videos from this year's conference separated by category. While there are only a few Angular-specific videos (for more, look at the ng-conf 2017 list here), there are many sessions looking at the broader web platform, progressive web applications (PWA), and web components with Polymer. In addition to these core technologies, there are also videos listed for other technologies that are relevant or are becoming relevant for Angular developers like AMP and AR/VR.

Enjoy the below curated list of videos. To view all the videos from Google I/O, check out the playlist on YouTube.


General Web Platform

Progressive Web Applications

Web Components and Polymer

User Experience, Accessibility, and Design


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

That's the list. If you have a favorite, let everyone know in the comments.