Favorite Talks from ng-conf 2017

ng-conf 2017 Favorite Talks

In early April, Angular developers from around the world attended ng-conf 2017. It's arguably the biggest Angular event of the year and it's always loaded with the latest Angular technologies and techniques. Having gone through much of this year's videos, here are some favorites with notes to help you decide if a video is relevant to you.

Thank you to everyone who makes this event great every year and for sharing the experience with those who couldn't be there in person. Enjoy the videos!

It's All About the Angular Baby and Angular Router Authentication and Authorization Real LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE LIVE
Shai Reznik

These videos are for straight comedic value. Shai Reznik is the creator of the infamous ng-wat video from ng-conf two years ago. While It's All About the Angular Baby is pure entertainment. However, Shai manages to teach you a few things while making you laugh in his authentication and authorization talk.

Everything is a plugin! Mastering webpack from the inside out
Sean Larkin

This is a must-watch if only for the fact that Sean Larkin walks you through how to debug a webpack build. The talk is divided into 3 parts. First, Sean explains the different pieces of a webpack build with a hand-drawn illustration. If you're looking to save time going through this two-hour video, consider skipping the second part which is answering questions and handing out shirts. A highlight during this part is that WebAssembly is apparently an important technology on webpack's roadmap.

Finally, the talk continues with a workshop on creating a webpack plugin. Grab your laptop. Sean walks through the process step-by-step, answering questions along the way (including how to get some Mac commands to work on Windows). A personal favorite, he demonstrates the important skill of debugging webpack. Visit this timestamp to skip ahead to the walkthrough. This talk is highly recommended.

I am one with Angular, Angular is one with me
John Papa

This is a relatively short, 20-minute talk on tooling. John walks through his favorite features of the Angular CLI, Visual Studio Code, and Angular v4 TypeScript Snippets. He also touches on the new language service plugin for Visual Studio Code which provides IntelliSense for template bindings.

The Angular CLI has so many features and John demonstrates the dry-run flag, lazy loading routes, and automatically providing newly-generated services. You also see how insanely productive he is using the Angular v4 TypeScript Snippets plug-in for Visual Studio Code. Watch this talk to level up your Angular-Fu!

Using the Angular Template Language Service
Chuck Jazdzewski

This is a great overview on the status of the Angular Language Service. This service works with TypeScript to provide IntelliSense and easy refactoring capabilities in your Angular markup. It promises to provide compile-time checking for template errors that are currently only detectable at runtime. Chuck covers everything, discussing the tooling's architecture, roadmap, and editor support.

Thoughtful Component Design
Jeremy Elbourn and Miles Malerba

This talk is presented by two members of the Angular Material team where they discuss their findings from building a component library. There are many useful topics discussed. How do you maintain native DOM behavior for elements like INPUT while providing enhanced functionality with Angular? How and when should you 'touch the DOM'? For anyone looking to improve their component API design, this talk delivers.

Packaging Angular
Jason Aden

This talk is critical to anyone using Angular across teams in a large organization. Jason discusses the best practices for sharing components in an npm package. What should you include? He goes over including AOT support, Type Definitions, metadata files and shows how to create and optimize these artifacts. He provides straight-forward advice such as using one NgModule per Component and discusses build optimizations using the Closure Compiler.

From Inactive to Reactive with ngrx
Brandon Roberts & Mike Ryan

This is an introduction to the ngrx library for state management. The talk covers the basics of the ngrx libraries as well as the concepts it leverages from redux. This is recommended for anyone new to ngrx or redux.

Keynote Day 3
Brad Green and Rob Wormald

This is really two talks in one. Brad gives a peek behind the curtain at Google's process for adopting new technologies and how that influences their decisions with Angular. While this doesn't necessarily affect most developers, it's an interesting story nonetheless.

In the second part of the talk, Rob Wormald discusses the importance of new features including platform-server (Angular Universal) and Angular Mobile which promise to provide increased performance and SEO capabilities to Angular applications.

Angular Pre-Rendering for SEO, Speed, and Happy Users
Jeff Cross

This is about platform-server (Angular Universal). This framework has now moved under development by the Angular team. It provides server-side rendering for Angular applications. This provides several benefits including improved performance, better scrape-ability for social scrapers, and better SEO for crawlers.

Jeff goes into many of the aspects of implementing these benefits and highlights some of the tradeoffs and considerations at play. If these benefits matter to your site, this is a very well done presentation.

Automatic Progressive Web Apps using the Angular Mobile Toolkit
Maxim Slanikov

This talk is all about the Angular Mobile framework which aims to provide out-of-the-box progressive web app (PWA) features for Angular developers. Many consider PWAs to be (at least part of) the future of delivering applications to devices. It appears that this framework is still in the preview stages and Maxim cautions about existing documentation. If PWAs are important to you, find out how to get started with this talk.

The Angular Compiler 4.0
Tobias Bosch

This is an inside look at the changes made to the compiler in Angular 4. Tobias explains how the Angular compiler works and what it produces. He further explains what was changed to improve performance as well as the test data proving the results.

Docker: What Every Angular Developer Should Know About It!
Dan Wahlin

As the title suggests, this talk is about Docker. Dan takes an application created with the Angular CLI and hosts it on Nginx inside of a Docker container. He goes through the main benefits and features of Docker relevant to web developers and demonstrates their implementation. Dan is a great speaker and if you are new to Docker, this is a great overview.

The Day I Met Steve
Alyssa Nicoll

This is a short soft-skills talk but one that's important. Alyssa looks at how and why developers get discouraged at work. She provides some useful tips on how to avoid this path ourselves and how to create an environment where everyone feels their contributions matter.

Whether you work with WordPress sites or not, Roy explains how and why you might want to start. WordPress claims to run 27% of the internet and there is a large community of support for this system. How can you leverage this support for your Angular applications? The answer is to use the WordPress REST API and this talk gives an overview of how it works. It also has a lot of cat pictures if you're into that kind of thing.

In Summary

There are over 60 videos posted from the conference and this is only a sampling. To watch more, check out the playlists on YouTube. If you have a favorite, please mention it in the comments below.

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